Custom Stand Guidelines

When building a custom stand, there are a number of rules and regulations that you must comply with. The attached document details them all for you.

To get you started, here are a few tips to get you on your way.

  • To build a custom stand booth, you must order SPACE ONLY. This means that your stand perimeter is marked out for you; however no carpet, power or lighting is provided. Make sure that all electrical items are ordered through the Exhibitor Services Kit and that specific arrangements are made for flooring/carpet.
  • IMPORTANT – Please provide the exact details of your plans on the attached application form and drawing including: the height to the top of your booth structure, towers, graphics, signage details, panels and truss etc.
  • The height limit for walling on custom stands is 2.4m. If your walling exceeds this limit you will have to fill the Custom Stand Application form (attached) and submit it to Expertise Events for approval.
  • Any stands, displays or fixtures that exceed 2.4m high are required to be dressed clean and flush on the reverse. A neutral colour of black or white must be used. If this is not satisfactory on the day, you will be required to address this or the contracted stand builders may assist in providing a solution at your cost.
  • All electrical equipment must be tagged and tested by a professional and must not create any hazards to others when installed.
  • Regulations regarding lines of sight to other exhibitors and exits etc are important and must be adhered to. Details are included in the attached document, however if you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

Expertise Events is here to help. If you have any questions about selecting stand builders or the rules and regulations attached, please contact us for assistance.

Custom Stand Regulations

All hanging signs, both electrical and non-electrical will be hung by licensed, qualified
personnel. If the sign requires electricity, electrical services must be ordered through
Expertise Events.

Back of Walls

You are responsible for the rear/back side of your stand. No logos can appear on the reverse and a clean white or black finish is acceptable.

Any stand whose construction exceeds 2.4 metres must dress all walls in a neutral colour and finish (white/black) with a smooth, seamless surface. Painted walls, or visible construction and structural supports are not sufficient, and the walls cannot have any signage/branding/picture/graphic. This dressing needs to take place so as not to impact on the adjoining exhibitor.

Rigging Regulations

The venue will strictly enforce the following rules:

  • All rigging plans must state the structure of rigging, weights and show an overlay of the rigging within the booth space.
  • Upon request by Expertise Events, the exhibitor will be required to provide the certifications for all hoist motor and rigging apparatus to the director of engineering.
  • For all special and unusual weights, motor apparatus or items not normally hung, exhibitors must obtain written permission. Exceedingly large rigs that support abnormal loads, or non-uniform distribution of weight or hardware may require (at the Exhibitor’s expense) plans that have been approved and stamped by a licensed engineer selected by Expertise Events to comply with venue regulations.
  • All signage and items rigged above the exhibit stand must not exceed the floor space permitted.

Stand Regulations by Exhibit Type

Exhibitors must adhere to the following rules that apply to the following exhibit types:

Inline Exhibits

One or more standard 3m x 3m exhibits in a straight line (minimum size 3m x 3m).

  • The maximum height of 2.4 metres allowed only in the rear half (1.5 metres) of the stand space, with 1.2 metres height restriction on all materials (product or equipment) in the front half of the booth. NB: when three or more linear stands are used in combination as a single exhibit space, the 1.2 metre height limitation is applied only to that portion of exhibit space which is within 3 meters of an adjoining stand.
  • Hanging signs are not permitted in linear stands.

Standard exhibit located on the outer perimeter wall of the exhibit floor.

  • The maximum height of 3.4 metres allowed only in the rear half (1.5 metres) of the exhibit space, with a 1.5 metre height restriction on all materials (products or equipment) in the front half of the exhibit.
  • The exhibitor must dress unfinished back walls; logos cannot be hung from that back wall. Refer to the ‘Back of Walls’ section.
  • Hanging signs are not permitted in Perimeter Exhibits.

Peninsular Exhibits

A linear exhibit 6 metres or longer with a centre extended header.

  • All guidelines for linear exhibits apply to extended header exhibits except that the centre extended header has a maximum height of 3 metres (a maximum width of 20% of the length of the stand, and a maximum depth of 3 metres) from the back wall. Height limitations include product and equipment.

Island Exhibits

Island exhibits (6m x 6m or larger, exposed to aisles on all four sides) and Split Island exhibits (6m x 6m or larger, sharing a common back wall with another Island stand) should work towards the following general guidelines to ensure visibility to neighbouring stands:

  • All Island stands configured with solid walls or items that may potentially obstruct the line of sight of neighbouring booths should submit a stand layout schematic for Expertise Events’ review and assistance.
  • When designing island booths, exhibitors are asked to consider allowing for at least 20% visibility on structures / walls above 1.5m tall on all four sides. Split Island exhibitors should take the same guidelines into consideration on all sides except the shared common back wall.
  • Examples:
    • 6m x 6m should include a 1.5m break on all four sides on structures above
      1.5m tall;
    • 9m x 9m should include a 1.8m break on all four sides on structures above
      1.5m tall;
    • 12m x 24m should include a 2m break on the two 12m sides and 4.8m on the
      two 24m sides.
  • Exhibitors may use perspex or a similar see-through material to create taller
    structures / walls that will allow for line of sight above 1.5m.

We are here to help. Still unclear about the guidelines? Send us your plans!

Please complete the Custom Stand Guidelines & Approval Application Form and send to
Expertise Events six weeks prior to the opening day of the show.

Files should be saved as PDF, TIF, or JPEG only and should include:

  • An overall 3D graphic of the design.
  • Plan view clearly showing all dimensions, walls and exhibit elements.
  • Scaled side and height elevations.
  • Hanging sign dimensions and height from the top of the sign to the floor.
  • Exhibiting company name and stand number.

General Venue Rules

Halogen Lamp Restrictions: The use of stem and track mounted halogen or other fixtures employing either a linear halogen bulb or a non-shielded halogen bulb may not be used.

Flame Retardant Certification: All materials used in Exhibit construction, decoration or as a temporary cover must be certified flame retardant or a sample must be available for testing. Materials which cannot be treated to meet the requirements may not be used.

Smoke Detector: Please provide a smoke detector in all fully enclosed areas i.e. storage

Storage: No more than a one-day supply of materials may be stored in the booth at one time. No storage is permitted behind booths or near electrical service.

Exiting: Code states that the maximum travel distance to an exit aisle from within an exhibit booth cannot exceed 5 metres. Please provide additional exit doors, openings etc. if needed.

Final Approval: As always, final approval is determined by an onsite review by the Safety Officer of the venue for compliance with Fire Safety Guidelines.

Australian Laws and Regulations: Exhibitor agrees to comply with and conform to any and all Australian laws and regulations including but not limited to commerce, building, safety, tax and export laws / regulations.

Custom Stand Design Application Form

* Appraisal by Expertise Events will not include the assessment of the stands structural integrity and/or design * Should it be deemed necessary Expertise Events may request the assessment by an engineer or qualified professional. * All associated costs shall remain the responsibility of the stand builder and exhibitor *All documentation must be provided to Expertise Events.

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