Wednesday, July 17

9:00-10:301.A.1: The Business and Fabric for IP1.B.1: Microservices
The right technology choice is a key to business success. With more workflow and functionality moving to software based tools, knowing about the options can assist with the decision-making process for your organisation or business, particularly when planning a transition to IP.There is a lot of talk about Microservices, but what are they and what can they do for our business? Come along and find out.
10:30- 11:00Morning TeaMorning Tea
11:00-12:301.A.2: Conference Opening and Keynote Presentation
SMPTE invites members and guests to the opening address and keynote for the METexpo Conference
(Media + Entertainment Technology Expo).
Join us as we open the conference and welcome (Speaker TBA), as the Keynote Speaker on the topic (TBA)
12:30- 14:00LunchLunch
14:00-15:301.A.3: IP Infrastructure Applications1.B.3: Immersive Sound
An examination of applications that have moved to IP infrastructure, their connectivity and best practices .So you thought having two ears meant stereo audio was the ultimate? Well, come to this session and discover how audio has gone to new heights.
15:30- 16:00Afternoon TeaAfternoon Tea
16:00-17:301.A.4: IP Infrastructure - The New Glue You Need1.B.4: Innovations in Sound (Panel Session)
SMPTE2110 equipment is now in the marketplace, but how much of it will work together? Join Paul Briscoe for a rivetting session explaining the system aspects and exploring all the bits you need to make a complete IP system. R&D Labs are an essential precursor to high tech startups and venture capital investment. It is no surprise then, with the location of one of Dolby's Global R&D lab in McMahon's Point, Sydney, that sound related technology startups have a significant presence at The Studio, Australia's first media technologies incubator. On this panel you'll meet innovators developing business opportunities in sound.

Thursday, July 18

9:00-10:302.A.1: Over The Top Delivery2.B:1: Immersive Technology
In this first of three sessions on OTT, our speakers will examine key aspects of broadcasting OTT services.Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) attract a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs finding application across all industries. This panel profiles different startups working in immersive technologies. Discussion includes, how they are developing, evolving and applying technology.
10:30- 11:00Morning TeaMorning Tea
11:00-12:302.A.2: Optimising OTT2.B:2: New Transmission Technologies
In this second session on OTT, we examine methods of optimising and improving the OTT experience.Will the future be traditional over-the-air broadcast, OTT, 5G or something else? This session will explore the possibilities of future technologies.
12:30- 14:00LunchLunch
14:00-15:302.A.3: OTT & IoT2.B:3: Where to for T2?
In this final session on OTT, the focus moves more to business aspects of keeping the costs down and the value up.This session will explore challenges implementing new technologies and measurements made on new transmission systems , with a focus on DVB-T2.
15:30- 16:00Afternoon TeaAfternoon Tea
16:00-17:302.A.4: HDR2.B:4: Taking Content to the Audience
High Dynamic Range or HDR has now moved from a new technology to being an everyday part of the technical lexicon. But, how to make the best use of HDR and what will be the impacts on production techniques? This session is likely to provide valuable answers.The value of taking content to audiences through multiple types of distribution, rather than trying to force audiences to come only to their sites to watch content. 'Are we going to continue to try to force audiences to come to us, or are we going to take our content to the audience? In an attention economy, this has become an even more important question than ever before, and increasingly broadcasters and content creators are recognising they need wider and more diverse distribution than just their own platforms. But how can they do this without losing control of their content, their data, and their ability to generate an ROI that will sustain them in the long term?'

Friday, July 19

9:00-10:303.A.1: eSports / Live Production3.B.1: Women In Film & Technology
This session will explore the expanding field of eSports and look at aspects of live productionThree topics are discussed which will be of interest particularly to women, but men are invited also!
10:30- 11:00Morning TeaMorning Tea
11:00-13:003.A:2: Business / Workflow / Cloud3.B.2: ACS Session 1 Cinematographers Update
Clouds, workflow and the right technology. This super session will examine them all.Members of the Australian Cinematographers Society will discuss measurement of the accuracy of colour reproduction and appropriate shooting formats now that cameras are available with large sensors.
13:00- 14:30LunchLunch
14:30-15:303.A.3: Innovative Video Case Studies3.B.3: ACS Session 2 Diversity & Inclusion in Film
Some practical case studies describing innovative uses of video technology.A broad panel conversation around diversity to include cinematographers of different backgrounds, gender and ethnicity
15:30- 16:00Afternoon TeaAfternoon Tea
16:00-17:303.A.4: Workflow: Media Supply Chain3.B.4: ACS Session 3 "Ladies In Black"
A look at how new technology is changing workflows and their resultant business impacts.Peter James talks about “Ladies in Black”.
This session from acclaimed cinematographer, Peter James ACS ASC is about the making of a Feature film “Ladies in Black” and Peter’s long term collaboration with Director, Bruce Beresford. Also during the session, Peter will refer to other genres including; short films, documentaries and commercials. Peter will talk about how a lot of the problems and responses, across the genres are the same and we, as cinematographers need to understand how to relate and communicate with a diverse group of people.
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